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Are designed to help and heal the hurting. To teach the uncompromising gospel of Jesus Christ and to reap the harvest of souls lost in today's worldly system.



Is offered daily. Prayer and Bible studies are on Wednesday nights from 6pm - 7pm. It is designed so that you may learn and study the word of God, so you may receive in depth knowledge about your walk with Christ...

S.L.M.       Speak Life Ministry


The ministry of speaking life to men of broken lives lead by Pastor Taylor. Mending the places that have been broken, to restore men back into the church in their rightful places, restoring men back into the home and rebuilding their marriages and/or simply making the marriage stronger.

Sunday school


We are currently offering two classes; we are working on future classes to offer. Children's Sunday school and Adult's Sunday school; starting at 10am on Sunday morning until 10: 45am... These classes are also designed to give one in depth knowledge about his/her walk with Christ and to heal the hurt.

D.I.M.        Daughters In Ministry


It is so desined to help those women who feel the call of God on their life to minister. The ministry that we've been given is the ministry of reconciliation. The time spent with the leaders (Pastor & First Lady) for training, empowerment and self awareness. The body of Christ is so desperate for women to train and empower the younger women for the next chapter of their lives; whether it is for marriage, divorce, home life and/or the ministry in church preparedness.  



We have a wonderful youth program. We are currently starting a new program with the youth to help train them in the knowledge of God and how to be come better citizen in their perspective communities. We are providing some counseling to help them cope with social changes. 



Our minister of music is lead by James and he is doing a great job. We welcome any musician that is anointed and would like to join in with our minister of music - we would love to have you audition. Please contact the church or by way of email: 



Psalm 84:10 For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickednes.

This ministry is what sets the atmosphere of our many services. To minister a smile and a place to be seated in the house of God is truly a gift from God.

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